Redefining your luxury
holiday in Tenerife.

Baobab Domains was born out of the understanding that when the rule book for a luxury holiday complex does not offer clients the greatest amount of flexibility and freedom possible (in order for them to truly get the most from their stay), you simply have to write a new set of rules.

Released from the chains of how things were normally done, we allowed ourselves to ask the most important question of all: "What if…?

So feel free to expect the unexpected, request the unusual and experience a level of personal service you may not have enjoyed before.

Because it's your holiday, not ours, and every single member of staff at Baobab Domains is committed to giving you one thing: your perfect vacation, with the maximum in personalised service and the minimum of fuss. We won't explain how to find that hidden bodega: we'll take you there. You have the flexibility to spend your time exactly as you wish, whether you're looking for some quality time with your children, a tranquil haven to recharge your batteries or a mixture of work and play.

In a project as exciting, modern and unique as ours, we really can make the rules up as we go along, depending on what it is that you need from us. So from all of us here at Baobab Domains, welcome home…